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It becomes a global trends for car wrapping vinyl to replace car painting!


Many of our clients will ask me a question before they change car painting to car wrapping: why should I use car wrapping vinyl to replace car painting?

Now let’s give you a professional data and tell you the answer:

Conclusions: As you see, the car painting users have declined from 2014 to 2018; more and more car owners begin to choose car wrap vinyl for their cars.


** Why there is Car Wrapping Vinyl coming out?


Car wrapping vinyl, as its name implies, changes car colors by wrapping. Excepting transparent film with protection function to car body, other car wrap vinyls all have car color changing function, which can protect car paint from slight damage.


As for why change car color, there are lots of reasons, some people chase fashion & cool good-looking to catch attention, some use to protect the paint, and some are request from companies to unify standard display image.

Note that the options of car wrapping vinyl also very important.


Nowadays, normal brands of car wrapping vinyls are rather a mixed bunch, quality is not guaranteed and made by ordinary PVC, with very cheap price, easily leaving residue & fading, color is not bright enough and variety is not rich, moreover there is not stable quality warranty. It is really not wise to wrap own cars by these types of color changing film.


What kind of Car Wrapping Vinyl should I choose?


** Germany-imported raw materials

** No Residue Glue

Solvent based removable pressure sensitive glue, the car surface just like it was before you wrapped it when you remove the film.

** Protect the car paint

Completely isolated car paint from external environment, no scratches or traces of erosion, no fade, and no damage caused by stone chips after installation.

** 2 years' warranty, durability last 5 years.

IRISTEK is a wonderful choice!

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