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Holographic Film

Iristek 3D Psychedelic Wrap Vinyl Car Wrap Film

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IRISTEK 3D Psychedelic Wrap Vinyl Holographic Car Wrap Film 

Gloss Flip Psychedelic Vinyl is a dual holographic film specifically designed for vehicle color change to provide dimensional stability and durability without the need for an over laminate. The pressure-activated adhesive allows you to slide and reposition the film over the surface of the vehicle. It is available in making it possible to wrap virtually any section of a vehicle without seams. 

1) Product Name: 3D Psychedelic Wrap Vinyl
2) Model: PSL9
3) Brand: IRISTEK
3) Film: High Grade PVC Qualified, Bubble Free
4) Glue: Removable Glue
5) Release Liner: Laminated embossed kraft paper
6) Color: 3D Grey
7) Size: 1.52x18/Roll
1) Three-dimensional color change makes the vehicles attractive among the crowd.
2) Protective, stretchable and distinguished geometric stability.
3) Embossed air bubble free laminated liner, convenient to operate on vehicles.
4) Imported liner quality similar to Arlon, 3M.
5) Special coating make cars higher class & protect from dusts, scratches etc.  
6) UV proof, waterproof, weather proof, resistant to solvents, easy cleaning.  
Common Applications:
Apply as vehicle wrap vinyl like car wraps, vans wraps, trucks wraps, buses wraps, etc. 
Installation Steps for wrapping a car:
1) Clear the car body
2) Measure the vinyl for the places you want to wrap
3) Remove the back side release paper
4) Use the squeegee to make the air bubbles out when sticking
5) Use heat gun to heat the film ans stretch 
6) Use the knife to cut off the edges
Usage Volume:
Normal standard full car wrap: 15-20 meters
SUV full car wrap: 25-30 meters
Hood: 2-3 meters
Roof: 2-3 meters

Benefits of Car Wrap:
1) Protecting car paint from natural debris and man-made scratches 
2) Anti scratch and wear-resistance
3) Anti UV, weather proof
4) Change the car to any beautiful color & stylish design

5) Fashionable, making your car stand out. 

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