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BWM M3 Abu Dhabi Blue color, just a look, can touch your heart..


BWM M3, M4 are very popular in the world as a model of sports car, and China is no exception. Among them, Abu Dhabi Blue is the main color of BWM M3, M4. This color is very special, it will show various states in different light intensities and angles, so that many other BWM owners, even other brand owners also want to change their own cars to this color.

Actually BWM M3 and M4 didn’t have Abu Dhabi Blue color on the international market, the real name should be Yas Marina Blue. Keep reading, you’ll see why.

Yas Marina is a track which designed by Mr. Hermann Tilke on the island of Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi, the length is 5.554 KM. Yas Marina track was designed as Circuit de Monaco in Arab. The track which built on a man-made island has 21 corners and through Marina and Yas hotel, both hotels were designed by Asymptote company in New York. The features of track combine both tight corner and long straight.

Now you know, Yas Marina track is the inspiration of BMW Headquarters to give a name to this color. BWM China may be afraid that chinese people do not understand this track and considered Abu Dhabi as the capital of UAE, there are still many chinese people knowing about it, so we name this color with the city.

IRISTEK newly launched Yas Marina Blue Car Wrapping Vinyl, restored original true colors of BWM M3 and M4, not only no color difference, but also completely restored the metal texture of original car paint. More importantly, car wrapping vinyl can effectively protect the original car paint, with an economic price.

In the future, IRISTEK will release more car wrapping vinyl with original paint color.

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