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Ally Sign Group Buying Program


One Way Vision

Ally Sign own customers and buyers from various countries in the world, group buying

is to unite all the customers of countries purchase together, in order to get more favorable

products and price.

That means, for same product, like Self Adhesive Vinyl, 110 microns, one customer places

5 rolls, one places 10 rolls, one place 5 rolls..... Then total order quantity can be mixed as

more wholesale quantity, which can save more cost & get more favorable wholesale price.

Backlit Fabric

Product might be involved:

Self Adhesive Vinyl  One Way VisionReflective Sheeting

   Self Adhesive Vinyl               One Way Vision             Reflective Sheeting

Flex Banner

What's the price differences between Retail and Group Buying?

For example, if buying Self Adhesive Vinyl : 110 Microns, 120g Kraft Paper

Retail price:1.27*50M,  price: 55.24 usd/roll
Group Buying price:1.27*50M,  price:43.81 usd/roll

If buying at small quantity, one thing is that price is higher retail price, and sometimes if there 

is no stock, there is requiring to wait for mixed orders.

While if Group Buying, it will mix all small orders, and price will be much lower wholesale price, 

and there will no need for quantity limit & mixed orders.

PVC Banners

We offer the most Economical Ocean Shipping , client can choose pick up goods at port and 

door-to-door delivery, group buying will definitely save your shipping cost.


Think about shipping fee difference for retail 10 rolls & 30 rolls, the more quantity, the more saving

on the shipping, and the more profit earning.

Vinyl Wrap For Car Wrapping

We guarantee that our product pricing are strictly comply with the raw material value and

production process, and the selling price is adjust to the product value.

Perforated Window Film

We promise to you not matte the trial or container order , the quality of our products is 

consistently in high level and stable, our QC(quality inspection) always strive for the 

higher standards.

Backlit Film

We insist on the premise of quality to meet customer delivery time, never shoddy goods 

for quality goods.

Rollup Banners

Our product development has great advantages, will continue to provide new competitive 

products, product display effects and solutions to customers;  

At the same time, we combined with market demand and group buying, to recommend 

more Local applicable new materials and favorable price advantage to clients.

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