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Ally Sign Group Buying Program for Sri Lanka Market!


Ally Sign group visited Sri Lanka in October 2017, in order to observe different needs of various customer groups on products and market possibility. 

One Way VIsion

Self Adhesive Vinyl

According to research feedback, 5 top products are ranked, which are big demand, hot sales and new materials on Sri Lanka market.

Reflective Vinyl Sheeting

1. Reflective Honeycomb Sticker         

   -Thickness: 160 Microns                                                          

   -Glue: Clear Glue, 120g Kraft Paper                    

   -3 Years' Durability                                             

   -Solvent or Eco-solvent Printing                          

   -Ideal for reflective advertisement and safety signs                                                                       

    -Uniform daytime and nighttime visual appearance                     


Photo Luminescent Film

2. Photo Fluorescent Film

  -PET: Plotter cuttable, PVC: Inkjet printable    

  -Acrylic: Screen printable

  -Product color: Light yellow-green, Luminance color: Fluorescent green

  -Service life: 3-5 years outdoor and 8-10 years indoor

  -Can customize the luminescence duration from 2 hours to 12 hours

  -10 to 30 minutes of absorbing light can glow in dark for a long time

  -Can be repeated any times for storing and glowing process

  -Enduring weather with non-toxic and harmless and no any radioactivity 


Roll up Banner

3. New Rigid Film for Display                   

  -Eco-solvent PVC+PET Rigid Film                                

  -Thickness: 290 Microns                                             

  -Composite Rigid Banner, non-curling banner               

   with Frosted Glittering Surface                                   

  -100% opacity and super straight make it ideal for        

     roll up, x-banner, clip banner                                   

  -With excellent anti-skidding character.                         

  -Eco/ Sol/UV/Latex/Aqueous/Screen          



Transparent Self Adhesive Vinyl

4. Highly Transparent Self Adhesive Vinyl

 -Thickness: 100 Microns

 -Glue: Removable Glue, Liner: PET Liner

 -High transparent no water wave on film face

 -75 microns PET liner instead of white kraft paper to make sure the flatness and transparency of the film

 -Service life: 1~2 years, outstanding durability and indoor & outdoor performance   

 -Suitable for solvent, eco-solvent, UV and HP latex printing



Self Adhesive Vinyl

5. Super Glossy Backlit Self Adhesive Vinyl for Light Box

 -High Glossy(different from the normal glossy)

  -Thickness: 110 / 130 Microns with glue

  -Super smooth(porcelain white)

  -High glossy, light reflectivity up tp 70% (Backlit Effect), can use for lightbox (acrylic or super thin lightbox)

  -Ally Sign A quality's film, good ink absorption, high definition

  -For Solvent/Eco-solvent, UV or HP Latex printing

  -Applications: Vehicle advertising, Display Poster, Wall advertising, Buildboard signs, Sign boards, Backlit lightbox, etc.


For this reason, we have planned a unique Sri Lanka Group Buying Program to support more customers in Sri Lanka to purchase & use these products.

Backlit Film

One Way Vision

Backlit Lightbox Film

Regarding Group Buying Program (GBP):


Any customers with business on materials.


1. Customers place any rolls for the materials.

2. Mix different quantity orders for production & delivery.


1. Save price cost. Gathering different small quantity orders can get the most favorable wholesale price, as known that the more quantity, the less price.

2. Save delivery cost.  Think about shipping fee on 5 rolls and 30 rolls, which average cost is lower. After union production, we can send all goods together and dispatch to destination address one by one. 

Based on these two main reasons, there is big saving on the cost, why not to join us to share this benefits! 

Contact us for more details! 

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